Check your air quality values in the LivAir dashboard in real time

Manage, compare, analyze and automate your air quality in one place.

Air quality is crucial for your performance, your well-being and your health.

The corona pandemic has shown us how important fresh and healthy air is. Regular ventilation or ventilating rooms with ventilation systems reduces aerosols in the air and prevents the CO2 concentration from rising to a tiring level.

But how can we see the invisible? How do we know when we should or even have to ventilate?

LivAir gives you a complete overview of your air quality. With the large, simple traffic light display, you know exactly when the air in your environment is depleted.

Feature overview


  • All-in-one

    View, manage and compare all your devices and locations in one portal

  • User administration

    Assign different access rights to users so that they can only perform certain actions

  • Historical data collection

    Track your data over months and compare the present with the past

  • Location management

    Manage your company locations and get more value out of them

  • Hours of use

    Enter the usage times to make even more precise statements about the data

  • Air-Quality-Guide

    Compare your data with the measurement ranges in our air quality guide to see where you stand

Control all your devices from a single location

Device overview

The intelligent web application that makes air visible. Manage, compare, analyze and automate your air in a single portal. Manage an unlimited number of devices within your organization account to have full control over all your rooms.

Location overview

By assigning the devices to specific locations, you can accurately replicate your company with multiple locations and buildings and analyze and evaluate the individual locations and buildings and take action if necessary.

Device details

Once you have collected enough data about a room, you can dig deeper - when exactly do negative readings occur, how are they related? The best way to see this is in the graphical representation of the data by using the synchronized sensor diagrams and setting the corresponding time filter.

User administration

With the help of user management, companies can assign different roles and therefore different rights to their employees. This enables simple control of actions and visibility across multiple users.

Guide to air quality

The Air Quality Guide (AQG) is designed to help users quickly and easily classify their measured air values on a scale.

It will inform you about the origin of the relevant air factor, what effects it can have on your health and well-being and give you some general improvement measures that can work if you don't have complex problems.

KIOSK mode

In development

Kiosk mode is a great way to display various air factors in real time on a larger screen, such as a smart TV or monitor, to show a wider audience how good your air quality is.

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LivAir One - the most intelligent air quality monitor

The LivAir monitor is equipped with a variety of sensors. The centerpiece is our patented radon sensor.

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