Speziell für Gebäudenutzer

Entdecke deine volle Energie und Lebensqualität durch eine saubere Luft.

Wir verbringen jeden Tag 90% unserer Zeit in Innenräumen - lass uns diese Zeit mit mehr Wohlbefinden genießen.

Als Raumnutzer kennst du sicherlich eines dieser Problems

Trockene Augen

Unzureichende Luftfeuchtigkeit führt oft zu Augenproblemen. Besonders für Menschen mit Kontaktlinsen ist das ein großes Problem.

Stickige Luft

Eine Atmosphäre mit zu viel Kohlendioxid in einem Raum wird von den meisten Menschen als stickige Raumluft wahrgenommen. Kein oder falsches Lüften sind die häufigsten Ursachen.

Niesanfälle durch Staub

Schlechte Luftqualität wird oft auch durch zu viel Staub in der Luft wahrgenommen. Menschen mit einer Hausstauballergie sind am häufigsten betroffen.


Häufiges Gähnen oder sogar Müdigkeit sind Anzeichen für eine schlechte Sauerstoffversorgung in deinem Raum.

Risiko durch Krankheiten

Bei der Tröpfcheninfektion werden Krankheitserreger durch winzige Speicheltröpfchen in die Luft übertragen, wenn eine Person niest, hustet oder spricht und dann von einer anderen Person eingeatmet wird.

Mangelnde Leistung

Du kannst dich nicht konzentrieren oder hast eine Blockade beim Arbeiten? Dann ist eine häufige Ursache schlechte Luft in deinem Zimmer.

Monitoring of up to 10 environmental parameters

LivAir analyses the building parameters and actively supports building optimization.








Air humidity













3 additional sensors (virtual)
with the help of our AI technology

Risk of mold

Mold is one of the most common causes of poor air quality and is therefore also partly responsible for illnesses. With our score calculated by AI, you can actively prevent mold and thus protect your building and yourself.

Virus risk

Since the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been aware of how dangerous a virus can be for us humans. Our integrated risk assessment helps you to stay safe in your home.


Always stay informed about which rooms are used particularly frequently or not at all. This not only saves you energy costs, but also allows you to plan occupancy much better.

LivAir One - the most intelligent air quality monitor

The LivAir monitor is equipped with a variety of sensors. The centerpiece is our patented radon sensor.

Dashboard with AI analysis

Whether you are monitoring just one office or a large building complex - the AI-based LivAir Dashboard informs, logs, analyzes, warns and controls: You can find all relevant indoor air data at a glance.

A win-win situation for room users AND Owner

LivAir, the intelligent SaaS sensor system, provides real-time indoor air monitoring for buildings. We strike the balance between healthy and energy-efficient buildings, with a focus on radon.

The win for room users:

The win for owners:

We spend 90% of our time every day indoors - and breathe in air that is 5 times more polluted than outdoors.

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Frequently asked questions

Are you curious?
Read through some of our FAQs or
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Each closed room should be supplied with at least one device. For large rooms with more than 200 m², we recommend a second device.

You can see the first measured values after just 30 seconds and in real time. In order to be able to draw conclusions from the evaluations for changes to the heating or ventilation, we recommend a runtime of at least one month.

The best data can be evaluated after a year, as seasonal changes in the rooms (such as weather, heating or usage) are then also taken into account.

The device can be operated without an internet connection, but you can only monitor real-time data on the display. Without an internet connection, the data cannot be stored in the cloud and displayed on the dashboard to analyze the air quality over time.

In addition, an Internet connection is required for regular updates.

Each device can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. In addition, we offer the option of an integrated SIM card (optional) so that the device is always online, regardless of any Wi-Fi. However, this must be ordered separately.

Yes, it has a USB-C port and must be constantly supplied with power to measure.

The device should not be placed directly next to operable windows, doors, radiators, air filters and ventilation systems and at least 90 centimetres above the floor, ideally at chest height. We recommend placing the device on a shelf or table so that it is in an area where you breathe.